Furniture Finishing Guide : Features and Selection from Lacquer Painting to Oil Finish

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The beauty and durability of furniture are greatly influenced by the finishing method.

There are various methods for finishing furniture, each with its own characteristics. This article systematically introduces different furniture finishing methods, from lacquer painting to oil finishing, and provides detailed explanations of their features and optimal usage scenarios. Understanding furniture finishing methods is essential for those considering furniture purchases, renovations, or DIY projects. Be sure to refer to this article to acquire your ideal furniture.

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Lacquer painting

Lacquer painting is used on various materials such as wooden and metal furniture.

Its high gloss finish adds a beautiful luster and shine to furniture. Although the coating is thin, it enhances the natural grain of the material. However, its durability may not be very high due to the thin film. Ventilation may be necessary as it may contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

It is commonly used when you want to highlight the wood grain while forming a coating, such as on small table tops or chair frames.

High-End Mindi Wood Planter Base S


Urethane coating

Urethane coating is widely used for various materials including wooden, metal, and plastic furniture.

It offers high durability, excellent waterproofing, and chemical resistance, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Additionally, it comes in various gloss levels, allowing you to choose according to the style and design of your furniture.

It is commonly applied to surfaces such as dining table or desk tops.

Ash H-Leg Dining Table


Polyester coating

Polyester coating is primarily used for outdoor furniture, such as poolside furniture.

It offers high gloss and weather resistance, protecting furniture from natural elements like sunlight and rain. Additionally, it allows for adjustment of the coating thickness, allowing you to choose the appropriate thickness for specific furniture pieces.


Water-based coating

Water-based coating is environmentally friendly and has minimal odor during application.

It is ideal for residential spaces due to its minimal color fading and discoloration. It is commonly used on wooden, plastic, and melamine furniture, making it suitable for various applications.

Vintage Pine Reclaimed Wood TV Stand, 210cm Width, Accommodating Large TVs


Oil finish

Oil finishing brings out the natural beauty of wood, enhancing its texture and color.

It penetrates the wood rather than forming a surface film, making it less resistant to stains and scratches. However, it allows you to directly feel the texture and color of the wood, making it ideal for furniture that seeks a natural look. It is widely used on wooden, bamboo, and rattan furniture.

Moreover, it is easy to maintain and can be easily repaired by applying oil regularly. For more information on maintaining oil finishes, please refer to this article.

Square-Leg Pine Dining Table with Beautiful Wood Grain


Soap finish

Soap finish is achieved by using a special soap on the surface of wood.

It creates fine pores on the surface of the wood, improving durability and waterproofing. The finish is clean and maintains the natural texture of the wood while providing protection.



Stain is used to change the color of wood.

It is a type of paint containing transparent or semi-transparent pigments that adjust the color of the wood. It highlights the wood grain and is suitable for beautifully finishing the surfaces of woodwork and wooden furniture.


Chalk paint

Chalk paint is used to create an aged or shabby chic look.

Its uneven application and paint texture create a natural appearance, making it ideal for antique or vintage-style furniture. Additionally, it allows you to express your unique style without needing to achieve a perfectly smooth finish on the furniture surface.


Powder coating

Powder coating is a method of applying powdered paint to a metal surface using electrostatic charge.

It creates a uniform coating and offers high durability. It is ideal for metal furniture, providing excellent chemical and weather resistance.

It is commonly used for painting metal frames and legs of furniture such as tables, chairs, and lighting fixtures.

Industrial Stool with Corduroy Seat and Black Iron Legs

Industrial Desk Chair with Corduroy Upholstery and Black Iron Frame


Gold leaf

Gold leaf is thinly beaten gold, providing a luxurious and glamorous touch.

It is used for decoration and accents in furniture, suitable for special places like living rooms or dining rooms. Applying gold leaf requires high skill and is typically done by skilled artisans. It has minimal aging effects and maintains its beauty over time.



There are many types of finishing methods for furniture, each with its own distinctive effects.

Lacquer painting offers a high gloss finish, while urethane coating excels in waterproofing. Water-based coatings are environmentally friendly, and oil finishing brings out the natural beauty of wood.

When choosing furniture, it’s important to consider the finishing method. By selecting the appropriate finishing method based on the furniture’s intended location and style, you can acquire more beautiful furniture. Additionally, having knowledge of furniture finishing methods allows you to create your own original furniture when engaging in DIY projects.

Acquiring knowledge about furniture finishing methods is an important step to make furniture selection and DIY activities more enjoyable and effective. Refer to this article to find your ideal furniture.