Shopping Guide for International Customers

“daus lab” is a Japanese online store for furniture and interior.

This site ( features examples of interior coordination and combinations of products handled by his store site ( When you click on the link of the listed product, you will be redirected to the product page of the store site (, where you can purchase it.

Of course, you can also shop on our store site (

This site is written in Japanese and English. The store site ( is only in Japanese (some parts are also available in English)

Business Hours

Business Hours: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Japan Time. Orders are accepted 24/7, 365 days a year.

Closed: Based on the Japanese calendar, including Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays, as well as extended holiday periods.

Inquiries: We respond to inquiries via the website

Please adjust your domain whitelist and spam filter settings to ensure that you receive emails from”



Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay

Overseas Shipping

■About Overseas Shipping

We offer overseas shipping using the overseas forwarding service “”

Please check the usage methods and service fees on the “” website.

■Overseas Forwarding Service “”

Please make the payment for the product price on our website, and pay the overseas shipping fee and service usage fee to “”.

As the overseas forwarding service “” is a separate company, please contact “” for inquiries regarding overseas shipping or how to use the service.

■ Flow of Overseas Shipping

1.Register as a new member and obtain a “tenso address”
Register for free with “” Once registration is complete, you will be issued a unique address in Japan.

2.Purchase items from our store
・Select your desired items and add them to your cart.
※Please confirm on the product page if the item is eligible for overseas shipping. If you purchase items that are not eligible (The item is marked as 【No overseas shipping】 at the bottom of the page), we will cancel the order for you.
※The estimated delivery date displayed on the product page refers to the date of delivery to the “” warehouse within Japan.
※The shipping to the “” warehouse from our store is free of charge. The overseas shipping fee from “” can be calculated on the “” website.
※At “”, only large items exceeding an actual weight of 30kg, a maximum length of 1.5m, or a total length and girth of 3.0m can be shipped via DHL. Please be aware that other shipping methods are not available for these items.

・When filling out the purchase form, input your unique address in Japan as the shipping address.
※Be sure to enter your “member ID” starting with “TS” in both the “name” and shipping address fields. If your “name” and “member ID” are unclear upon receipt of the parcel, we will not be able to register it to your account.

Choose from PayPal, Amazon Pay, or bank transfer.
Overseas credit cards or payment on delivery are not accepted.

4.Purchase completion
Once payment is confirmed (or upon completion of bank transfer), we will deliver the items to “” warehouse.

5.Arrival of items at “” warehouse
“” will unpack and inspect the contents of the parcel, measure its weight, and notify you of its arrival and the usage fee for forwarding.
Delivery methods such as EMS, AIR (airmail), SAL (economy airmail), and sea freight are available for selection.

6.Forwarding procedures
・Please review the contents of the parcel as notified by “” and make the payment for the items you wish to forward.
・Check if the items can be shipped to the destination country.
・Import duties may apply depending on the destination country and the contents of the parcel. Once payment is confirmed for the parcel, we will proceed with the overseas shipping procedures.

7.Delivery completion

For more details, please check the “” website.

■ Notes

・Cancellations, exchanges, returns, and refunds are not accepted after placing an order.

・Returns and refunds are not possible in cases where the item contains prohibited items that cannot be shipped or if the desired shipping method cannot be used.

・We take responsibility for any product defects that occur while the items are being delivered from our store to the “” warehouse.

・For any product defects that occur during delivery from “” to your address, please utilize compensation services provided by “” or the shipping company. We cannot provide assistance in such cases.

・We cannot accept returns, exchanges, or refunds for product defects that occur after delivery to your address. To prevent such occurrences, we ensure to deliver products of Japanese quality standards (whether domestically manufactured or imported, all products are manufactured and inspected according to Japanese standards and regulations, ensuring Japanese quality).
・Our store only supports Japanese and English languages.

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