Casual modern dining table and dining chair combination

assortment of items.

A combination of chairs and dining tables made of various materials such as natural wood, paper cord, and fabric.

The bright colors create a casual look in a dignified modern atmosphere.

Dining table top only 150cm width

Dining table legs set of 4

Simple dining chair on the beach

Nordic natural dining chair made of ash and synthetic leather

Ash Nordic natural paper cord stool

Ash Nordic natural paper cord bench

Dining table top only 180cm width

Dining table legs set of 4

Ash plywood and black iron leg dining chair

Dining table with a distinctive top design 150cm

Modern dining chair with wrap-around backrest

Modern dining chair with loop legs

Nordic oak natural dining table 135cm width

Black iron industrial stackable armchair

Cool, modern chair that gently fits the body

Pine Scandinavian natural round dining table

Casual dining chair with white legs