Combination of dining table and dining chair with armrests and legs floating

assortment of items.

If you have a dining chair whose armrests can be hooked to the top of the dining table, you can make cleaning easier by lifting the legs.

This is also a useful point when using a cleaning robot such as Roomba. If the float under the legs is 10cm or more when hooked up, it is in a “Roombable” state that the cleaning robot can pass through.
Roomba is a coined word that refers to the state in which Roomba is easy to clean.

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↓It will look like this.

↑This is

↓It will look like this.

Nordic natural dining chair where you can rest your elbows on the table

Ash Scandinavian natural round leg dining table with drawers 150cm width

Simple modern dining chair

Oak simple modern dining table 135cm

Oak simple modern dining table 150cm